Mirage Stone Outdoor Fireplaces

Stay outside a little longer with a MIRAGE STONE outdoor fireplaces.
 We are the leader in outdoor fireplaces with our mortar-free interlocking design.
 These fireplace are a little less than perfect and are great for a DIY project or can be used as is.
The finishes contain the following:
*Slight discoloration
*Effervescent staining


Please note: S & H is included in the price which also includes a lift gate service.

  • *Most orders ship same day!
These units are still structurally sound and a great addition to any backyard area.  We have included some great DIY ideas for an easy weekend project to accent any backyard or outdoor area.  We have outlined some possibilities to achieve the perfect look you are searching for.

Project #1: Painting your outdoor fireplace. 

This is a fast and easy project that will change the look of the fireplace. You can also choose any color you want. We recommend Sherwin Williams Exterior Acrylic Latex which retails at about $70.00 a gallon. It should take approximately one gallon.
We recommend assembling the unit before painting. You will need a small roller and/or paintbrush  There is no need to use a primer and we do not recommend using one. Allow the paint to dry for at least 24hours before building a fire.

Project #2: Applying faux stone to your outdoor fireplace.

This is a great project for a high-quality permanent structure look.
You will need to purchase the stone in the color and finish you desire.  You will need approximately 39 sq.ft of flats and 24 linear ft. of corners.  The faux stone starts around $400 dollar and will go up depending on the type of stone you choose.  You will also need 1 bag of "N" type mortar, a grout bag, and 2 hand trowels one square and one triangle.
To start the faux stone project assemble the unit. Starting at the bottom and work your way up.  We recommend scratch coating the unit with mortar and "butter" the stones to adhere to the unit working your way to the top. Allow to set at least  24-48 hours before building a fire.


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